What is Behavioural Marketing and Recent Trends in Behavioural Marketing

Behavioural Marketing
Behavioural Marketing

Can you imagine a world where you get exactly what you want! Behavioural Marketing serves this very purpose.

The world is full of different people with different choice and preferences.

To analyse, the user needs Behavioural marketing came into existence and nowadays marketers more emphasise on this method which also leads to the conversions.

What is Behavioural Marketing?

Behavioural marketing is based on the genuine interest of your targeted audience on the websites.

Instead of throwing an ample of ads, messages and e-mails to all the consumers repeatedly, target specifically on those who are interested in buying exactly what you are selling.

The marketing expert can measure and track what consumers do from the first activity.

At the website to the point of purchase. The important tools which help to analyse the user’s activity such as heat maps, web analytics and user recording, this also helps to uncover the data of insights from the actual interest of your consumers which can be used for marketing campaigns.

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Behavioural Segmentation as per user Intent 

Behavioural segmentation keenly identifies choices, interest and preference depending upon the user.

It is mainly focused on the groups of consumers into a smaller category based on specific behavioural patterns which are displayed during their online purchasing and searching choices. 

Segmentation can be done based on the below factors:

  • User Interests
  • Consumer journey stage
  • Engagement level
  • Online presence
  • Purchasing behaviour
  • Frequently searched items
  • Customer Satisfaction

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Behaviour Tracking:

Behaviour marketing tracks the user’s prospects, interest area and users intent. Here are some of the common behaviours that marketers take into consideration:

  • Past purchases: The past purchases of customers help to create better product recommendations, send them the best offers and marketing notification increase their loyalty.
  • Device: Check the device usability, the device on which the user visits your website. For example, they reach the website via mobile, then send them mobile-friendly content which lay out accurate information.
  • Clicks: Where the customer is clicking? Which CTAs work for them? The collected information help to plan a proper marketing campaign. 
  • IP and location: Based on the location, can create ads that track them around the city and provide valid information.

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Behavioural Marketing Trends:

The behavioural marketing trends highlighted effective methods that seem to have fallen out of favour with some marketers while also giving special attention to a few new trends.

  • Demographic Targeting:

Demographic targeting is the process of targeting users based on specific demographics such as income, profession, age, gender, interests and more.

Targeting helps marketers to create the campaign more relevant to viewers and subscribers. 

  • Manage Upselling and Cross-Selling:

This is a traditional marketing method that is becoming popular again, as per people are getting fond of the internet world for purchasing any product.

Sites like Amazon, Spotify and Walmart all track what users validate the purchase and offer up similar products that may be the interest area. 

  • Social media retargeting ads:

Social media is becoming the top-rated platform where the user is more active and brands creating retargeting ads that appear on these popular social pages to help bring viewers and readers back to their site.

When ads display in a proper way it will pertain to something the viewer was specifically looking at and provide them to return 

Behavioural marketing representing a new way to take in the account of marketing strategy.

The behaviours of your customers and users help to provide them with more relevant content that encourages them to make purchases. Osumare Marketing Solutions follow the most advanced strategies for Behavioural Marketing and are rated as the best digital marketing company in Pune.

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