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Choose Osumare top media buying agencies in pune, India to get your brand seen more online. We know how to plan and buy media space so your
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Why Choose Osumare for SMO

Choose Osumare’s online media buying agencies for precise goal definition, made for campaigns to meet your specific objectives. Enjoy planning with visually impactful ads designed for maximum engagement. Gain from thorough tracking and analysis, ensuring continuous monitoring to optimize and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Strategic Goal Definition

Tailoring campaigns to achieve your specific end goals.

Aesthetic Planning

Crafting visually impactful ads for maximum engagement.

Thorough Tracking and Analysis

Constant monitoring to optimize and enhance campaign effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Placement

Leveraging negotiations for optimal cost and strategic ad placement.

Online Media Buying Agencies in India

Online media buying is the process of purchasing placements for advertisements on websites, apps, and other digital platforms using real-time bidding (RTB) to buy advertising spots on publishers’ websites.

It is the science of buying spots on the online digital platform for showcasing your products and services by figuring out the right time, the right place, and the right context to deliver your ads to potential customers with the goal of increasing conversion rates or building brand awareness.

At Osumare, we engage in a heap load of research to find out what type of ads would work better for the target audience at a particular point in time. The process involves negotiations for the cost and placement of your product/service ads.

Online Media Buying Agencies

Defining YOUR End Goals

Yes, we begin the process by identifying exactly what you want. This involves sit-down sessions with you and our experts, trying to outline your ultimate goals, and drawing a rough plan involving the steps we would take in an effort to create a solid plan. Once your goals are set in place and our experts have a crystal clear idea of what is required, we move onto the next step.


Identification of the right market is essential in order to ensure that the marketing efforts (and the costs involved in them) don’t go to waste by reaching poor-quality audiences that create a subpar level of engagement.
We consider research to be the basis for a successful campaign. Without identifying the right target audience, there is no way you can create engagement with them regarding your product or service. Hence, we consider information gathering a critical step towards solid campaign building.We then determine the primary and secondary target demographics in order to strategically display the ads.

Top Online Media Buying Agencies
Best Online Media Buying Agencies

Plan the Display Aesthetics

We take into consideration the fact that ads look different and have different dimensions based on the variety of electronic devices they are displayed on. The whole point of displaying an ad online is to attract the audience, drive traffic to your website, increase conversion rates, and increase the chances of sales. A lot of effort goes into designing an attractive banner, and it would be a shame if the ad displayed is in accordance with the wrong set of dimensions as compared to what the placement page demands.

Working within a Reasonable Budget

We never go all out with the budget assigned to us. Rather, we follow “strategic spending,” wherein we treat the given budget as if it’s our own. It’s possible to buy ads that run monthly, hourly, or by the click, and having a budget will help you decide which option is right for you.

Best Online Media Buying Agencies in Pune
Top Online Media Buying Agencies in Pune

Tracking and Analyzing

Once we curate a spending strategy that works efficiently, we monitor the performance of each ad, collecting insights into which ads require more budget allocation, which ads can run smoothly on a smaller budget, and keep tweaking the strategy for the most optimal results.

Where Client Satisfaction and Digital Marketing Excellence Intersect

At Osumare, we consider client satisfaction to be the building block of quality long time relationships. In order to build this strong foundation, we try to understand our client’s needs from the roots itself, as if the brand is ours. This extremely personal approach gives our content the originality and genuine touch making it more relevant in “Google’s Eyes”. Osumare is the best 360 degree digital marketing company in Pune, Maharashtra, India providing pay per click services in Punemobile app development services in Punemobile advertising services in Punebranding and promotion services in Pune, and much more!

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