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We follow the best Google algorithms and build a accelerate mobile page optimized, which helps in getting good, increase valuable traffic and grows business. An optimized Google AMP services helps in increasing different actions and running a successful ad campaign. Osumare Marketing Solution works with the goal of creating the best landing pages to get in good business with targeted customers without putting in extra costs. A good page creates a good impression on the audience and builds brand awareness.

Mobile Landing pages in a website are designed to optimize different campaigns, such as email marketing, pay per click etc. We build optimized landing page results for effective campaigns, and the ads perform really well with a good quality score.
What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

What is AMP? (Accelerated Mobile Page)

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open source activity by Google with a means to make a superior and snappier web involvement. AMP enables the creation of blogs, web pages, and websites that are fast, simple, and perform across different devices, browsers, and platforms. It also enables web pages to stack quickly. AMP-supported websites are SEO-friendly and have higher chances of appearing on Google’s SERPs. AMP enhances the portable experience for every user.


Mobile Responsive Landing Page

Mobile responsive design is the development of the website in such a way that it responds to different users devices by adjusting size and resolution. If the website is not responsive, the web pages do not adjust to the user’s devices and deliver a bad experience. It also creates a bad viewing experience. A responsive website automatically changes and fits the resolution of the device. Mobile and tablet devices are growing rapidly, and there has been significant growth. At Osumare Marketing Solution, we build accelerated mobile pages (Google AMP), considering 3 core components.

Mobile Responsive Landing Page using google amp to incease speed
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How AMP helps in better ROI for your business website.

In the age of the cell phone and the World Wide Web, virtually every piece of data you need is readily available. There is a colossal amount of information on the WWW, yet, in addition, individuals anticipate quick access to this information. Moderate load time of a substance on your website pages may happen due to the utilization of broad expository contents, unending loading notices, and a limited-time substance that possesses a colossal measure of room and winds up expanding the page speed. In this way, the page you endeavour to access may set aside an opportunity to stack. Numerous times, site guests tend to think more about speed than other things on the site. Page loading speed is likewise a vital factor with regards to web index rankings.

We create Google Accelerated Mobile Pages that work extremely quickly to load an item, therefore catching the attention of the guest and, in this manner, influencing an Google  AMP Services.


Despite the fact that AMP is still formally not yet considered an autonomous positioning variable, page speed and versatile responsiveness are outstanding components for SEO that can be accomplished by Google AMP, which gives a lift to the site created by AMP on SEO. AMP has additionally been given a different space on the search engine, which makes it an unquestionable requirement for SEO.

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Boosts Visibility

The AMP pages on Google are displayed with an AMP symbol. The embossing of the symbol on the search engine increases clicks on the page, and the page stands out with a lot of users landing on your business websites. Users also look for websites that load faster. AMP is accessible on every device and does not depend on their OS or browser. These web pages are viewed on all mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Faster Loading Time

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) load lightning fast on mobile devices and work faster than other highly optimized pages. The term “accelerated mobile pages” is self-explanatory and shows the main benefits of AMP.

Best Google amp company in pune, India
Best Google accelerated mobile pages services in pune


AMP allows publishers to post ads without affecting page speed or disturbing the user’s interference or user experience. This indeed helps with ROI, keeping publishers and advertisers happy.

Increasing Conversions

Any business investing in a marketing campaign to increase sales gets an effective ROI. We make information available to all users easily through offline and online mediums.

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