Latest Instagram updates and its benefits

 Instagram updates and its benefits

Instagram is growing to the next level and after every update, there are many new things getting added to multiple new big features and a lot of little ones. New stickers, camera effects and many other things which are helping Instagram to grow as a platform. June and late May saw many new big updates that majorly impacted marketing on Instagram. Every single update in Instagram raised the bar right from the news about the algorithm, IGTV and many new small features were been added to Instagram.


This was the start update which was massive and almost made a buzz around in the market. IGTV is a new standalone app which can be accessed from Instagram and on its own as well. The app allows creators to upload videos up to an hour long and share them on the platform. This could be a direct competition to Youtube. The app shows any videos in vertical and full-screen. As soon as users open the app, a video will start to play and its always in auto mode. Users will be shown content that Instagram believes you might be interested in, Just swiping in different direction users can change the content and discover more options. Currently if you login into the app, the content will be shown only from people you follow, popular content, personalized content based on interests and content which are been watched by many. This is the next big thing which can be shared on IGTV, Brands can now create and share long videos and not necessarily the videos need to be an hour long.

Instagram Shares Algorithm Information

Instagram’s algorithm has puzzled marketer and it’s been difficult to understand things on the go. After every update, the algorithm is been fixed and shifted. The feed always shifts from chronological to users “prioritized” posts. According to Instagram, users were missing most of all posts and about 50% of their friend’s posts. The new update has now allowed users to see 90% of their friends post increasing the time spent on the app. The time spent on the app proves the interest in the users while they are seeing content which is more relevant and useful.

Mention while sharing stories

Mentioning has helped brands to reach a large audience and with the stickers could help in driving brand awareness and traffic to the desired profile. These stories have put in great value to every Instagram stories. The update also allows you to share others story with your own with a few taps.

Shoppable Tags Extended to Stories

Shoppable labels are a great component that permits qualified business profiles to label items in their pictures and recordings, which makes acquiring a speedy and simple undertaking for clients. These labels have now been reached out to Stories, which currently has an expected 300 million day by day (and exceptionally connected with) clients. At the point when clients see a stoppable tag in a Story, they’ll see a shopping sack symbol, a picture of the item, and a “See subtle elements” note. Whenever clicked, this will take them to the item page, which will incorporate cost and depiction.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to have big updates happening all in a few months of time. But these features are somewhere in interest to brand and marketers and not for common users. Being able to share content in a new and different way and having strong knowledge about all the recent updates is a pretty good thing.

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