Mobile Marketing Services

In the beginning of Digital Era, owning a cell phone was a sign of luxury. Today, more than 7.5 billion people in the world own a cell phone and 70% of people in the world would give up alcohol before surrendering their phones*. Today’s society is surrounded by individuals with mobile and tablet devices, even children. Mobility isn’t just a channel anymore - it’s a daily necessity. Mobile market opens up new opportunity for marketers for a real-time connection with their customers, wherever they are marketers can reach their customers in both the digital and the physical world.


Our company’s mobile marketing strategies helps and promotes your business relationship with your customers and ultimately leads to goodwill amongst both the parties, no matter where your customers are.

Our mobile marketing approach is simple: consider mobile from the beginning, not as an add-on, but as an approach,which brings you and your valuable customers closer and maintains your positive relationship with your customers. Our company’s “Mobile Department” takes care of mobile marketing and develops strategies to overcome all possible barriers and effective mobile marketing. It’s a fact that mobile technologies and consumer preferences and their taste are always changing, therefore our company is always on the edge to overcome these barriers and maintain effective mobile marketing. Our company’s “Mobile by Design” program keeps us updated with the latest technology, so that your business and brand is benefited with the latest technology.


In today’s world, every individual is engaged with their mobile devices, but not everyone interacts with their devices the same way as others do. In order to reach every possible customer, our analyses a day in the life of your mobile consumer. This is done through a series of person to person and digital research. With the Proprietary tools we can analyze your consumer conversations on mobile devices, while our Mobile Search tool will be interpreting mobile searches to better understand your customer while they’re on the move. Armed with research and insights, we can show you where the opportunity lies and also craft a mobile marketing strategy that will capitalize on your audience’s mobile behaviors and interests.


A well designed mobile marketing strategy is nothing without an effective execution of the mobile marketing strategy. And at Osumare, we have the necessary expertise needed to make it a reality. Whether it’s building a rich, interactive experiences via mobile applications and websites or creating new ways to measure mobile advertising performance, at Osumare we knowhow to bring mobile marketing strategy to life effectively.

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